The unique grandeur of artistic genius and crafts of Kashmir

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The paradisiac Kashmir ponders stimulation for its arts and crafts which are illustrationsof magnanimousexpressions. The heaven on earth not only will mesmerises you with its breath taking  montages but also will surprise with its artistic genius and crafts which have a unique grandeur for its opulent making.

Nature speaks in the Kashmiri arts and crafts.The arts and crafts of Kashmir paragon the nature loving vision of the Kashmiri artisans expressing the art beautifully with grace while intriguing charm.Shawls from Kashmir speaks volumes of a peculiar charm arose from the opusof color schemes depicting architectural and mythological figures interwoven with landscape designs.The art and crafts of Kashmir, varied, rich in colour, elaborate in detail and exquisite in execution, and most of the patterns on these art forms are from memory.

The varied articles ranging from distinctive textiles of fleecy soft texture of matchless pashmina or excellence in weaving, hand-woven carpets of finest warp and weft, to the exquisite designs worked on papier-mache, wood work, silverware, etc. are the products of unique craftsmanship.

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