Pashmina | Portrayal of timeless and rich heritage of Kashmir

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Pashminas known for its eminent and legendary softness, warmth and its lightweight is one of the most desirable fabrics in the world. This elegant add-on to any wardrobe defining the timeless luxury to your attire is a must have. Pashmina intimate luxury, lightness, softness and warmth and dominates a supreme place among other textile products. Pashminas truly are a must have fashion adornment for aficionados who knows the true meaning of eternal style. There is no looking back once the interminable wraps you in enduring elegance.

Pashmina shawls and other wraps are crafted from the premium and the supreme quality wool upholding the best of quality and durability compared to other cheaper counterparts.Stimulated from the magnificent Kashmir proximities, the fine art of embroidery on suits, shawls and jackets from Kashmir are one of the most desired articles prised by those who have flamboyance for sumptuousness and elegance. Pashmina reflects the rich heritage and culture of the Kashmir region, making it an integral element of anyone’s wardrobe.

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